Digitally Capture & Store Everything You Write with Ink on Ordinary Paper.

Highly reliable membrance contact technology applied. Soft-touch, and tactile feedback from Keyboard.

The tablet does every thing a mouse can do & even more. With a pressure sensitive pen you can freehand draw, write & sign. A great pen input device for user of all ages.

Highly reliable high-precision mouse with a scroll wheel and ergonomic design (for both hand use) making your work environment more comfortable.

Easy USB plug & play PC camera with adjustable focus, perfect for net meeting, instant massage, Internet video and image capture. Eye contact design for Internet conversation.

  Provides smooth & accurate sound for your computer, Quick and easy connect with convenient desk top volume control delivers a rich audio experience.
Professional manufacturer for over 10 year, our experienced engineering team will work with you to design the product that best suit your needs.

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